haXe website

You can visit the documentation and tutorials there. Also, you can ask questions on the forum.

haXe Libraries

Get libraries for haXe to extend its capabilities.

Blogs on haXe

Books on haXe

There are only two books on haXe but they are really good.

haXe documentation

Once you get used to the haXe syntax, the best way to learn more is to use the haXe documentation that comes with the compiler. It is installed on your computer when haXe is installed - on Windows, look in the Motion-Twin directory.

haXe Website

  • This site(http://haxelearning.wikispaces.com) has the most comprehensive list of tutorials for the haXe programming language.
  • Also another good site that I have found is haxe.us. It has tutorials on using haXe with the Neko and PHP platforms.